Blue Skin – Shotgun Cubs [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

August 10, 2014

This was my graduating project for my media degree at the University of Canberra last year. Thanks to a really supportive and talented team, I’m proud to post the official music video for Blue Skin by the Shotgun Cubs – a talented Canberra duo. My role on the project was producer, director, designer and editor. Enjoy! x

Blue Skin – Shotgun Cubs [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]



2 Responses to “Blue Skin – Shotgun Cubs [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]”

  1. Says:

    Hi Lucy was just thinking of u today?!?! …good to see you’re doing something without too much CGI and amazing how the guys were so still and in one case with fly on eyelid!!…btw we’re having another parade if ur interested …meanwhile Ange and I just got back from Paris and look what happened on Thursday!! we were lucky!! Ciao Alan

    • Red Hat Says:

      Hi Alan,
      Glad you like the video – my actors are super tough, huh?
      Would love to be involved in another parade, had so much fun at the last one! Just let me know the details.
      Glad you and Ange got home safe!!
      Lucy x

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