Meta Post

May 20, 2010

Now that I’ve come to the end of my first semester at UNI, and I finally have time to take a proper breath, I can fully appreciate all that I’ve learnt and been exposed to these past few months. I took three classes this semester and with two being media related, it is little wonder that my awareness of media, and my definition of media have been blown wide open.

Not only have I found myself repeating interesting tidbits of information from lectures and my own research to my long suffering friends and family, but I have managed to maintain a blog, keep up to date with multiple sources via Google Reader, write, design and code a website, and design a data visualisation.

Awareness. Media is everywhere. Computers, radios, televisions, posters, books, magazines, phones, cameras… most of us carry a media device on us all the time, and an even greater proportion would consult a media device on a daily basis.

It is always leaping forward. Soon 3D media will be commonplace, as will cross media production which, incidentally, is a great way to circumvent media piracy. Cross media production (if I have my terms right) is when a program is aired/published in several different formats, but in order to get the full story, you have to look at all of them. In invites audience participation which has already proven hugely successful. People can produce their own media now and so want and expect more from companies that want money for it. ARG’s are becoming ever increasingly popular and I have to say, I’m tempted to try one.

Do you know how many blogs are out there? (Over 50 million) How easy it is now to send a message to huge numbers compared to a hundred years ago? (Amazingly so) Compared to fifty years ago? (Very) Or what a great resource the internet is? (Such a great resource) It is the treasury of the collective human intelligence. And that’s an amazing thing.

Before taking this course I was hardly aware of any of this.

And I never thought I’d have a blog. Yet here I am, a tiny piece of this huge puzzle offering some thoughts up to the world in a way that was never possible before.

This media explosion has happened in such a short space of time, that it really makes me wonder what will come next? Because, without a doubt, something even more amazing will.

It also makes me wonder how, with such technological advances, so many people are starving and in poverty. I know other issues take up a lot of international attention, but surely more could be done.

Anyway, onto my blog. I got quite into the whole ‘blogging’ thing, regularly writing extra posts. The tricky thing I found was not blurting too much of my personal life out. I’ve got to remember that blogs are not diaries! Other people read blogs. Blogs are a way to send messages to lots of people, and if you’re comfortable enough to invite people to read your diary, then great. But I, unfortunately, am not.

I saw in another persons blog that they’d set up something at the start of the semester so they were able to publish their blog traffic statistics. I was not so clever and tried to copy and paste the graphs that I can see (as an administrator, or whatever) into this post, but no luck. So I used onlinecharttool again with my blog traffic data, and came up with these fascinating creations…

It seems my busiest month was March with 72 views, my busiest week was Week 14 with 38 views and my busiest day was the 25th of March with 14 views. In total, as I write this post, my blog has had 212 views (not including mine!), 23 posts, 6 comments and the following referrals!!

I’m pretty impressed with my total number of views. For a first time blogger, and with this being an assignment blog, I’m delighted. I may even keep up the blog for semester two (I don’t know if it’s a requirement yet). I, a 19 year old UNI student have been able to communicate with an unknown number of people 212 times!

Content wise, I think I’ve definitely filled the criteria concerning discussing and developing my assignments. However, I probably should have paid more attention to current media issues such as the censorship debate and the google van picking up peoples internet usage. I discovered onlinecharttool, but that’s really the extent of ‘websites I’ve discovered’.

Aside from the obvious downside to onlinecharttool (it doesn’t resize to accommodate your labels), this graph shows how many views each post got. I arranged the posts in publication order. The statistic missing from this graph is the number of views the website got. Clearly, if someone just typed in, it wouldn’t register on any of the posts. But I can tell you. The number of homepage views was 140. This makes me think my classmates must be using an RSS feed too, given the other numbers.

The three posts I am nominating are :

The Machine

Damn Complicated Dataset!!!

Data Visualisation

If I had the time to go back and re-write some of my posts, I’d put more effort into discussing up and coming work and interesting websites I’ve found. However, there is my selection.

What a great semester.


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