Multi-focal glasses

May 6, 2010

All is not lost.

I had an ‘oooooh, shit!’ moment last night when I read that we needed the complete dataset for our assignment. So I gave up on the Solomon Island education idea and moved into Mental Illness statistics. I spoke to Sharon in todays tutorial and she said that as long as I had enough data to demonstrate the visualisation it would be okay. She made me talk through my visualisation concept, which is still pretty sketchy, but basically, the screen would be divided into three:
(insert pic)

The top strip would be an index of the interview questions, and the rest of the screen would be divided in half with two graphs, starting out with very general statistics depending on which questions you’ve selected in the top. You then have the option of dragging the graphs over each other to compare the data or to double click on one of the graphs. Doing this will trigger an animation which will take you though the graph to view the data in more detail.

This all sounds really complicated and I wasn’t sure how I’d illustrate or demonstrate this, until Sharon suggested I illustrate the stack of graphs behind the initial ones, showing all the levels of detail available.

This made me picture the bifocal glasses in National Treasure, where it was possible to flip as many lenses down as you liked, with different combinations yielding different results.

Here is an example of the type of glasses I’m talking about. But obviously mine would have a lot more lenses. So for the sake of this blog, when I refer to ‘multi-focal glasses’ I’m not referring to modern glasses.

So the new idea is that there will be a big pair of mutli focal glasses centered in the screen and the little levers for the lenses on either side. (that you flick up and down to put the lenses up or down). At the top of the multi-focal glasses is another hinge so that ALL of the lenses are lined up (one circle instead of two).

Glasses could be linked to education and literacy, but I think I’ll use the mental illness data instead because having a mental illness could really change the way you view the world.

So that’s where my assignment stands at the moment.

It’s still a bit of a mess. Once I’ve come up with some concept drawings, I’ll post them and it should all make more sense.


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