Project B

April 27, 2010

I’m feeling quite stuck with this assignment. Both options sound like so much fun and I know both have great learning potential but because they are both so appealing, I can’t choose! Also, I seem to have a creative block in both directions.

Data visualisation: First of all, which data set? And how could I present it? Dad works in adult education and he would let me use some data they collected about education levels in PNG.  The data is from a survey of 2197 people:

Source of information

Usefulness of writing

Usefulness of reading

Usefulness of counting

Importance of school

School attendance of 15-19 y.o.

School attendance of 15-19 y.o. / province

Completion of primary school

Reasons for not

Completion of secondary school

Completion of secondary school / gender

Reasons for not

Attended UNI or tech

Attended UNI or tech / gender

Attended community education

Attended community education / age

Ability to read or write a simple letter / province

Ability to read or write a simple letter / gender

Ability to read or write a simple letter / age

Language spoken at home / province

Language spoken with friends / province

Ability to read Langus / province

Ability to read Langus / gender

Ability to write Langus / province

Ability to write Langus / gender

Preferred official language / province

Ability to read preffered language / age

Literary classification / province

Literary classification / gender

Literary classification / age

Literary classification / youth vs adult

Literary classification / youth vs adult / gender

Literary classification / completed primary school

Literary classification / completed secondary school

So obviously, there is a lot of data there which could be organised in a much simpler way through a data visualisation. The question is how. I don’t know how to build one. I know the concept comes first, but I have to know what my skills are likely to achieve in the given time so I know how to come up with a realistic concept! Plus I have to make sure it’s not an infographic.

On the other hand, THIS is a really, really cool assignment, and I think it would be a lot of fun to come up with something similar.


Also, this is the best resume I have ever seen. Wow!


One Response to “Project B”

  1. That is an awesome resume! As for the data set, as a someone without a creative bone in my body, I thought the one you posted recently was more interesting and easier to follow than the google maps one – I guess it didn’t hook me quickly enough to follow all the links and figure out what was going on. Then again, it’s dinner time, so that might have contributed. I like the idea of using your dad’s data – because it could potentially become something meaningful beyond a grade for your assignment. That said, do something fun! Life’s too short to do something boring if you’ve got a fun alternative! 🙂

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