April 15, 2010

I’m going through an unmotivated patch right now… Could have something to do with my amazing ability to make glassware explode near me, or just because I need to do something exciting! Life has become too routine!! In any case, UNI work is not what I feel like doing right now… Maybe I need to reduce my grain intake again. : /

In our tutorial today ‘youflew’ was born. We had to come up with an idea for a website or service that harnessed collective intelligence and our invention was a travel website called youflew. Basically, it initially relies on people uploading itineraries that they have travelled and then rating the cities, hostels and activities they went to and did. Once there is a moderate stash of intelligence, we would launch a program that designs itineraries for travellers based on key words or tags which they type in, along with the dates and budget they wish to travel at. Once the program comes up with an itinerary, you have the option to pay for flights, accommodation, activities and entrance fees through youflew with only one payment, and added to this payment is a small commission for the service youflew provides. The idea is that once people have gone on a youflew holiday, they’ll be so pleased that they’ll come back, rate it and therefore contribute to the collective intelligence of the website. The program that invents the itineraries looks at the keywords you’ve provided (as many or as few as you like) (eg summer, beach, snorkelling, asia) and based on a rating system (what other people with similar interests liked) a holiday is planned. Alternatively, you can press the ‘random holiday’ button and be pleasantly surprised. Youflew makes use of many, many API’s including currency exchange rates, flickr, flight companies, google maps, weather forecasts etc and could make a profit by featuring one airline over another. If you are a regular traveller, you can make an account which has a map with pins everywhere you’ve been and everywhere you’d like to go. You can then browse other accounts in search of a travel buddy.

Possible problems with the website could be the acquisition of the initial intelligence, and coming up with the program to create the itineraries. It would be a very complicated program!


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