Room 9B22

March 19, 2010

There is something funny about the room 9B22…. Strange things happen. For example, things that were in no way in my code were appearing on my webpage. It was completely illogical. I got several people to read over my code to see if they could find the source….nothing.

Like I said….. strange things…..

Sharon helped me with the main page of my website. I was having trouble with the spacing between words. Because I’d made each letter a link, the computer no longer recognised ‘A Spectrum of Emotion’ as separate words, instead it was ‘A S p e c t r u m o f E m o t i o n’ with the weird spacing in between. I played around with the letter spacing in CSS which WOULD have worked if the computer recognised actual words. Instead all it saw were separate letters.  I also played around with div tags and id tags, trying to insert extra letters and making them the background colour, but they never seemed to work.

I don’t believe it! I just opened up the HTML to tell you exactly what Sharon did to fix this, (something about all the C’s in body be this colour) and there is a mysterious ‘B’ floating around on my page.

No where in my HTML is there a ‘B’. This is absurd!

I guess there really are some things in life you just can’t explain. I’m all for the mysterious, I’d just rather it wasn’t in my assignment. Sigh.

Anyway. This week’s lecture was called ‘Carving Up The World’ and an idea that struck me was that although there are millions of ways of carving up a chicken, there are only a few ways that will work well. (Depending on the desired outcome, of course).

This relates on a much larger scale to the world. There are so many ways of classifying and grouping yet a significant number of those ways will only lead to tears… Hilter’s way of classification led to six million deaths.

Another phrase I really liked was:

‘What makes music and graphic design good is a combination

of the expected and the unexpected.”

It’s so true! Everyone likes to put a song on for the first time and be able to predict certain things, like that there will be so many verses, a chorus, a bridge and possibly and instrumental interlude. But what makes the song stand out is the bit you don’t see coming.

I also learnt three new words:

Ontology: study of what there is.

Taxonomy: working out how what exists is related.

Folksonomy: classification using tags.

Taxonomy is the way everything used to be classified on the internet which is why there were internet directories. Google came along and brought in Folksonomy and the internet has never been the same since.

I only realised the other day that we don’t have to put our sites online to submit them. I had thought we had to submit a single URL which is why I was taking great care not to copyrite and getting all of my images from the creative commons. BUT I have since been informed this is not the case, so I have a vaster array of images to choose from, which is excellent!


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