March 19, 2010

I found some amazing photo’s on Flickr, but due to the licensing, when I try and copy the ‘Image source’ into my HTML ‘http://l.yimg.com/g/images/spaceball.gif&#8217; comes up. I researched a little about this and found out a way around it by going ‘View Source’ then finding the image source through that. But when I paste THAT into my HTML, the image shows up at about a quarter of it’s actual size. I’ve tried to resize it through both CSS and through < img height = “…” > But nothing is working! Any advice?


2 Responses to “Emergency!”

  1. Have you looked at the “All sizes” link above the photo? If there is one, you’ll find direct links to the photo at different sizes. Make sure you’re using the photos properly according to their licensing.

    • Red Hat Says:

      I thought that as long as I didn’t actually launch the website, I could use copyrited photo’s because it’s for an educational purpose?

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