Last Minute Tweaks

March 13, 2010

I wrote this post yesterday. I saved it to do some final editing then forgot to post it. Surely it still counts as last weeks post!

My assignment is going well. During the tutorial this week, it was suggested I add a dictionary definition for each emotion under the photo, and make it look all cool by italicsising some words as you would find in the dictionary. I’ve taken this on board and have begun the process. I was originally going to use an online dictionary so I could just make the definition a link, thereby cutting out worded attribution. But I didn’t like their definition. I know, stupid huh? You’d imagine most definitions would be pretty similar. I went for my trusty old Collins dictionary instead. Maybe I can look up a Collins website and make the definition a link to that instead.

Now all I have to do is continue to find photos in the creative commons part of Flickr. Sadly, I have to actually publish the site to contain everything to one URL which means I can’t used copyrite-d photos. There are some lovely ones in the creative commons – they’re just harder to find.

I wasn’t sure whether to have just the one photo per emotion, or whether to have several. If I had several, I’d have to figure out a way of configuring it so that only one photo showed at a time, yet so that the audience would still realise there were other photos.

And after seeing some of my classmates assignments, I wonder if mine is too simple. Everyone else’s seems to be quite personal – eg favourite bands, work that THEY’VE done. It would have been cool to exhibit my paintings maybe…

But NO! It’s done and I’m too far through to change it all now. I’ll just count on the fact that sometimes simplicity is the best and says the most.

I’ll probably talk about more interesting things in my next post. I do intend on discussing internet censorship eventually. Promise.


2 Responses to “Last Minute Tweaks”

  1. skeechy Says:

    Hey I dont think you should worry about if your assignment is too simple. Others may looks personal, but yours looked professional. Im pretty sure whenever someone sees someone elses work they think…damn thats good, becasue thats what i was doing lol. Keep it up! It looked real stylish :p

  2. Really don’t fret about how personal it is! I agree with Skeechy. It did look professional, like you created an online exhibition for a photographer. I think that the minimalist design really emphasises the content and certainly works in your favour. Look at it this way, after yesterday’s lecture you can say that you looked at the current webpage design conventions and thought that this would bring a stronger appreciation for the work. You broke the conventions in the class! Be proud, looks great!

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