February 25, 2010

I’m feeling slightly anxious at the thought of selecting 3 posts to be assessed. My posts thus far haven’t been planned, they’ve just sort of fallen out of my brain through my finger tips…. I’m still in journalling mode. That’s the problem. No one assesses journals and your thoughts can be as disconnected as you like… I’ll have to work on that.

HTML. Ha. HowToMeetLadies. That was a great shirt. (Look at that linkage – I’m so proud of myself!)

Anyway, this week I received a crash course in HTML writing, and the lecture was so interesting I couldn’t wait to get home and try it!

Prior to this lecture, my knowledge of HTML was that it had something to do with computers and the internet. Whereas NOW I can even tell you what HTML stands for (aside from HowToMeetLadies). It means HyperTextMarkupLanguage.

~Tea break~

I can also tell you that HTML is the building block of all internet sites and that it is created by a series of tags in and around your web content. These tags must be properly nested or they WON’T WORK – just like brackets in maths (I am a slight maths nerd, so now I understand ‘nested’). HTML is easy to understand and you can see how it works by looking at how other websites have been built – I tried that – massively complex, but interesting.

XML is an eXtensibleMarkupLanguage and is unforgiving because it is designed to be read by both human and computer. I’m so glad we haven’t had to use that! Forgiving is good.

HTML is a limited subset of XML and is just text – the lowest common denominator. It’s free and forgiving too. (Yay)

CascadingStyleSheets are a set of instructions that tell your browser how to make your website pretty (or how to draw HTML elements….either way).

HTML + CSS = A Recipe
HTML + CSS ≠ A Meal

I love that.

I tried writing some HTML when I got home from my lecture – after about an hour I had some success. I was going to try and post a link to it here, but realised that wasn’t going to work as what I wrote wasn’t actually a website or on a website. It was still in my computer and other people wouldn’t be able to access it. This may sound incredibly obvious and I feel quite stupid admitting it, but I was so disappointed when I realised that. I was so excited – I felt like I had just brought Frankenstein to life and I wanted to share him with the world. Plus my computer and internet knowledge is not huge so the fact that what I wrote wasn’t actually going to be online escaped me. Sigh.

It’s so much fun though, tweaking HTML. In our tutorial we designed a page outlining our assignment idea. (Crap -I hadn’t given it much thought). But I think the main thought behind the exercise was practicing writing HTML that works, and for some strange reason, mine worked straight away. There were only two issues I had and that was how to make links a colour other than blue, and how to move my image from the left hand side to the centre. The solution:


Maybe it’s just the first time that’s really hard, because you don’t really know what you’re doing. Then once you’ve done it, you know what to do and it’s eeeeasy…. Now what does that sound like?..

Anyway, I am thinking of doing assignment 1: creating and online exhibition of something. In my HTML assignment proposal I said that I would probably do a photographic exhibition. Prior to that I had thought of exhibiting my friends band and all their original material – but the band just broke up so that won’t work. So I moved to photography. I haven’t decided what the photographs will be of yet. I had thought of finding an photographer and displaying their works in a pleasing manner, but where’s the challenge in that? I think I will theme the exhibition and show photos from lots of different photographers – this way I have to make sure they all work together and I can have fun coming up with a theme.

Alternatively I could create and architectural exhibition.

Lots to think about.

I went and had a read of some other blogs and realised I haven’t said much about myself (again, journalling habbit – after all, who’s going to read it other than me? But this is a BLOG and it’s on the INTERNET for the WORLD to see.)

So… I am a 19 year old female.

I spent last year living in Northern England working as an assistant PE teacher. My brother basically pissed himself laughing when he heard that’s what I’d be doing. I don’t get that…. I’m sportyish. I think what killed it was that I had to teach the kids how to swim…. I can’t swim to save my life… well maybe, if I was actually drowning I’d pull it from somewhere, but the point is I generally try and avoid cold water. Swimming is not something I do often. I like to think I haven’t made 30 young lives into drowning time bombs. I like to think swimming is something that can be taught even by mediocre swimmers. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, in the school holidays I backpacked around Europe and I have to say that Edinburgh, Berlin and Belgrade were my favourite cities. It was a great adventure and I have some terrifying stories, but that might be a bit over-personal for a UNI blog. I don’t know – I’m still trying to figure out the personal balance.

The reason I chose to do this course is that our friend lent us their box set of The Lord of the Rings and I got to see how it was made. I found The Making Of… equally as amazing as the movies themselves. I watched hours and hours of it. It got me so inspired, I decided I wanted to be part of something like that. Part of a creative team. I haven’t decided which role I’m aiming for yet. I’ve toyed around with the ideas of animation, special effects, editing and motion capture. I don’t know. Maybe this degree will help me figure out what I want to do.

If nothing works out, I think I’ll come back and study Primary School Teaching.

Bleugh – I’m still trying to get used to soy tea. Soy coffee is nice – the soy milk gives it a nutty flavour. But soy tea is something else entirely. I’ve just gone off grains and dairy for a while. My poor family – I’m on cooking dinner tonight.

That’s probably enough about me for a whiiiile… As you can see, my Bridge The Gap post now has lovely font 🙂 This is due to HTML tweaking that Michael put me onto. Thanks to some magical property of his, my URL also shows up now on the Moodle list (finally!)

This is one of the best sites I have come across – my brother put me onto it. It’s hilarious! Check it out.


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