Experiment 1

February 17, 2010

Well I’ve got this far. This is an achievement. I should have realised picking a name for my blog would take this long considering the usual difficulty in coming up with email addresses and the like. It’s made me appreciate the mass of blogs out there in the world…. or on cyberspace… or whatever.

‘Mog’ is very creatively ‘My Blog’ (compressed, for the tired and brain-dead). Wordpress told me it had to be at least 4 letters though so I considered trying to sneak an extra ‘g’ on the end (mogg)…. Taken. I experimented with capitals (MOGg, MoGG, Mogg)… Taken. I even tried smog (as in ‘it’s my blog’) in various capital letter combinations…. Taken. Getting desperate I turned to my surroundings for inspiration. The first thing I saw was my diary with 2010 on the front. Ta Da. Name done!

It’s a shame though, because my surroundings are actually much more interesting than just a diary. I could have chosen GreenHat or RedPurse or GingerMangoSoap. Damn it.

I’ve had some fun brousing through themes. This one reminds me of Tilley’s – my favourite cafe. The interior (and exterior come to think of it) is painted just about that red colour. Maybe one day I’ll even blog FROM Tilley’s, wouldn’t that be exciting!

As the title of this post indicates, this is an experiment as I have never had a blog before and I’m not entirely sure this is going to post in the way I’m hoping. We’ll find out!

So. Networked Media! I found the first lecture really interesting. I had absolutely no idea of how the internet was developed or how it works, and I still don’t ( I know enough to realise it was a VERY basic overview) but I am slightly more knowledgeable now. The ants helped. I wish my brother could have heard it. Maybe I’ll try to make him listen to the recorded version.

It’s made me curious, when I have the chance, I may just do some research into the first computers and the first programs. All that jazz.

Blogs. I wonder how many there are riiiiiiight now…. NOW! I wonder how many people are in the process of writing their first post. I wonder how many blogs are never read! I wonder how many people half yearn for their blogs to be read and half secretly hope no one will… That’s just silly.

It’s funny to think that being published was once so difficult and prestigious. Now all you need (all you REALLY need) is a public library membership or a friend with the internet. Make an email address. Make a blog. Away you go. Anyone can do it. Tag the right things and people will read it. (Ideally though, your blog should be so interesting people will want to read it regardless!)


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